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Hans Boeve: Equity Trading and the Elliott Wave Project

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Investments are made for future yields. Research has shown that the ElliottWave Principle is the most appropriate method for predicting future developments. Therefore one can base it's financial investments well on Principle (Technical Analysis). It can be used in conjunction with other methods. The Principle has two sides : Both a mathematical and socionomics side, which makes the Wave Principle very interesting!

  • The Elliott Wave Principle: Well documented.
    Although the Elliott Wave Principle is a rather unknown method it is well documented (R. Prechter).
  • It covers investment psychology.
    Investing needs psychological insight. This is wel covered by the Elliott Wave Principle.
  • It is based on the combination of mathematical, physical insight and experience.
    The method is invented by from R. N. Elloitt (28 July 1871 – 15 January 1948)
  • The Elliot Wave Principle : Applicable on all levels.
    The Elliott Wave Pinciple is applicable on all levels: The index level, the industry level as well as the individual (stock) level.

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Hans Boeve : Equity Trading and the Elliott Wave Project.

As an equity trader one invests because the expectations of the investment are well. So I investigated common methods in order to find out which method satisfied the prediction need the most. I concluded that the Elliott Wave Principle is the best method satisfying this need well. For me this method is also interesting because it has both a hard and soft side. The mathematical side is for instance described by the Elliott Wave Principle book, written by R. Prechter and others. The soft side, Socionomics, is well descibed by for instance "The socionomic Theory of Finance", also written by R. Prechter, and others. The disadvantage of the method is the high level of know-how which is required to work with the Elliott Wave Principle.

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Hans Boeve

Hans Boeve introduces himself.

Hans Boeve